About Me


Starting work at an early age (14 & 9 months) in a variety of entry-level roles, David found his form during his university years while undertaking a Commerce degree double-majoring in Marketing and Advertising, while progressing quickly into management roles with Hoyts Cinemas. Upon graduation from Curtin University he worked in various Marketing roles on both client and agency-side, working with a variety of clients from small family-owned businesses to large multinational organisations.

Moving into a business development role with Coca-Cola Amatil, extensive training and mentoring helped develop David’s business acumen while also improving his organisation and sales skills. A time of extensive learning across many different aspects of business, these roles with CCA were pivotal in giving David the skills and confidence to start his own business(es) in the coming years.

David first took the plunge and started his own business in 2007, a private healthcare company focused on the provision of support services for elderly and disabled clients in their homes. Started from the spare room of a 3 bedroom duplex in Perth’s south, the business quickly grew in size and profitability thanks to the innovative and streamlined business model developed to set the company apart from competitors. It was this focus which led David to form a team to build a custom mobile application (when Android was first released) for use within the business to help provide staff with improved access to rosters and client data, while also providing improved service for clients. The end result was an amazing application which delivered the desired functionality while also showing David the possibilities of what mobile applications could do, leading him to sell the healthcare company (which now employed over 30 staff) to explore opportunities in mobile app development.

Since starting a software development business in 2010, David’s breadth of expertise has been of great benefit to his customers beyond just software development, finding himself engaged in management, operational and marketing consulting in addition to software development projects across mobile and web applications.

Why Work With Me?

As a result of significant experience and extensive studies, David brings professionalism and strategic thinking to projects big and small. His attention to detail and strong communication skills ensure that no matter your needs, David will deliver clear, concise and considered solutions for your business.


Recent Work


“As a novice app builder, I had all the enthusiasm and dreams to pursue the development but no idea how to get it off the ground. David spent a lot of time with me to make sure I had refined the original concept to a product that met a market need, had a logical user interface and was of high quality.  I am really proud of the result and can’t wait to keep developing & expanding Rehab Minder apps.”

CARMEL BAIN, Rehab Minder

“I approached Dave Stallard on the recommendation of an acquaintance, having had a disappointing experience with another developer. I had a very complex spreadsheet used for calculating Upper Limb impairments after injury for workers compensation and the like. The spreadsheet itself was based on the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment and I wanted to turn it into and app.

Overall, as well as being intuitive and straight forward to use, it had to be 100% accurate as court cases have been fought over 1% differences in impairment rating. There were many, many glitches to be overcome along the way but Dave and his team never gave up. I now have an app that does exactly what I require of it and they can be justly proud of their achievements.”
MARK ALLISON, Upper Limb Impairment Calculator

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