Chromebook update #1: After receiving my Samsung Chromebook yesterday I haven't really had much time to play around with it, but the limited time I have spent with it has been enjoyable. A couple of observations:

1. Login with Google account and having all my websites & web apps etc there is great. (Over the last couple of weeks I've downloading plenty of apps from the Chrome web store in preparation)

2. Peripherals: I wasn't sure how much would work, given Windows isn't there to manage drivers, but I tried out the USB dongle for my wireless mouse and keyboard and they worked immediately. Same goes for my Plantronics headset. Happy times.

3. I haven't tried uploading apps from Google Drive to Google Play yet, so I'll be interested to see how it handles that, but I'd hope it would be a pretty straightforward process, downloading from the cloud and uploading to Google Play at the same time.

I'm not expecting the Chromebook to replace my existing laptop (that I use on a docking station with external monitors hooked up, so it might as well be a desktop), but I'm hoping it will allow me to spend less time at my desk, even if I'm just on the couch or in bed (or on holidays), getting away from my desk will be a welcome change, and with the Chromebook being so small and light, if it can do everything that I want to do (which is usually in Chrome browser & MS Office anyhow), I'll be happy.

Further updates to come once I've spent some more time with it, and if you have any questions, want me to try something or have some suggestions/tips, let me know in the comments.  #chromebook  

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