Being in a house surrounded by phones, tablets and computers, it's no surprise my 6yo has taken an interest in computers, to the point now where he wants his own, because sharing a Chromebook with his Mum just isn't cutting it.
So I've been talking with him about ways he could save up enough money to buy a computer of his own – yeah I could just buy it for him, but you can bet it's going to be a whole lot more special if he buys his 1st computer all by himself. And the fact I'm thinking I'd get him a Kano, means he'd also be building his first computer himself. I believe these 2 factors combined will give him a real sense of ownership over the computer that will translate into a love of computing, or at least that's my hope.
If my first computer (which was a 386 DX-40 with 170MB HDD) was a Kano, I can only imagine how different my life would be today – not that's it's bad, but it would be different.

My kids will be growing up in a radically different world to the one I grew up in, and I for one couldn't be more excited about it and can't wait to see how they embrace it.

The computer that anyone can make.