Has anyone encountered the foiling issue recently and had issues getting a replacement? I had my 1st Glass replaced ages ago and the process went really smoothly, but after waking up a couple of days ago to find the foil had bubbled, my experience has been ridiculous.

I'm in Indonesia for the next 3.5 months so advised I'd be happy to send the unit back to a relative in the US and have them forward the device to the Glass team and when the replacement is received, forward it back to me in Indonesia. They advised they wouldn't even send the shipping labels to me unless both myself and the device were physically in the US, as per their terms and conditions.

They also advised that because the device is outside the warranty period, they couldn't even guarantee they would replace it. So even though it's a known fault with the product they produce, they may not replace it if they don't feel like it. I can't tell you how angry and disappointed this makes me!

Anyone have any similar experience that can offer some advice on how to overcome this situation? Just feeling defeated after dealing with all the emails from Glass 'Support' that seem intent on being as unhelpful as they can, which is in stark contrast to my previous dealings with them.

Care to chime in +Google Glass​?