Loving the latest update with all the extra cards, I just wish they'd add more sports teams.

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Happy to announce we just launched an update to Google Now for Android 4.1+ devices, doubling the number of our cards. Some examples are:

Access important information in your Gmail at just the right time.
Flights – get real-time flight status and traffic information to the airport
Hotels – easily navigate to your hotel when you arrive in a new city
Restaurant reservations – leave for the restaurant based on live traffic
Packages – see when your online orders ship

Photo spots – learn of popular photo spots nearby
Favorite movies – be notified when a movie you're interested is released
Concerts nearby – see when your favorite artists have concerts near you
Stocks – get timely information about stocks you track

New voice actions: launch apps, schedule or check your appointments

Get the latest update from Google Play: http://goo.gl/bpLFr or learn more at google.com/now

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