In Australia we have reasonable infrastructure when it comes to internet compared with the rest of the world, but we're certainly not leading the way, and in fact, we're about to get a whole lot further behind. Here's why…

Right now, ADSL2+ delivers speeds of anywhere from 1,5Mbps to 24Mbps – as you can see in the picture, I'm getting around 20Mbps and I'm sure most Australians would agree that's a good result on our ageing copper network. Compare that to the Google Fiber speeds of 1135.47 and uploads of 212.32 (vs a paltry 0.84 for me) and you can see there is a HUGE difference. Now I know that Google Fiber is only available in a very limited area and most people in other places around the world would also love to get speeds like that as well, however while I'm sure Google will roll out Fiber in other states across the US before too long, the prospects for significant speed gains in Australia don't exist.

Right now, the NBN (National Broadband Network) is rolling out across Australia at a significant cost to the Australian public of around $40 billion. Yes, that's $40 BILLION and for a country of around 22 million people, that works out to around $1800 for every single person in the country. Don't get me started on how ridiculous this is, I'll save that for another day, but in the meantime, here's the real issue: The maximum speed will be 100Mbps. Combine that with the fact it will not be finished rolling out across the country until 2020 (or likely even later) and you're left with all of Australia accessing the internet at 100Mbps in 7 years from now, while the rest of the world will no doubt be enjoying significantly faster speeds.

How the Australian government can spend such a significant amount of money on such a short-sighted solution which will be out-dated before it's even 20% complete is beyond my comprehension. I have a feeling this very expensive exercise will become even more expensive when it changes part-way through when the government realise this NBN will leave Australians so far behind the rest of the world that something needs to be done.

Does anyone think that Australia WON'T have the slowest (or one of the slowest) internet speeds in the world when the NBN is completed?