On a recent post in the Glass Explorers community, several of us were having a discussion about tools to use for presenting Glass and I shared that I recently purchased a Slimport adapter which I connect to my Nexus 5 and screencasting via the MyGlass app, I can display what I see on Glass to a TV or projector. It works well, however as anyone who has used the screencasting functionality in MyGlass will know, it's laggy. While Glass may sometime be a little laggy itself, it's not something I want to present to prospective clients, so what I'd LOVE is to be able to send Glass directly to a Chromecast, without this same level of lag.

I found a video (below) where someone hacked together a way of doing this using (now removed) Hangouts and it seemed to work pretty well. This leads me to think that it COULD technically be done and I have to wonder if it would be a smoother solution than the laggy implementation mentioned above.

Any devs care to chime in with thoughts about this idea, any technical challenges, limitations, offers to create the app?