In thinking about what would be some awesome uses for +Google Glass, some of the uses I came up with involved OCR, which then got me thinking about Google Goggles and wondering why Google haven't released a version for Google Glass. Any plans on doing this +Google?

The next challenge is the fact there is no API for Google Goggles. A quick Google search and I stumbled up on this interesting post:

It appears Fadi Hassan was able to reverse-engineer the app and get unofficial access to the API, however judging by the most recent comments on the post, the solution no longer works, most likely due to changed made by Google which broke the functionality.

So here's what I'm wondering – is anyone out there capable of working out the changes and getting the API working again? I understand this would be unofficial and could break when any changes are made, but I have a great idea for an app for Google Glass and having access to the Google Goggles API would make a massive difference and allow me to test out the idea. Anyone interested?

+Google, +Google Australia  or +Google Glass want to make it (the Googles API) available to me just so I can test some things out and show you what I can come up with?

Not another code blog: Google Goggles API
Update 5/18/11 – Finally I had the time to update the post. I now have a working Google Goggles API set. In case you are wondering what changed: The protobuffer number a has changed from x + 401 to x + 32, where x is the image size. Also, there are trailing bytes that you need to send after the …