Now all I need is a Google Glass invite and for someone to build something like this that works for Vera (Z-Wave) and I'll be a happy man. Here are a couple of examples I've love to be able to use:
"Ok Glass, time for bed" = all lights off except kids night light, doors locked, downstairs sensors activated for alarm.
"Ok Glass, time for a movie" or "Ok Glass, time for some games" = screen rolls down, projector turns on, amp turns on, Xbox turns on, theatre lights turn on, then switch off after 5 minutes.
Then "Ok Glass, movie time's over" = screen rolls up, projector turns off, amp turns off, Xbox turns off, theatre lights turn on. 
"Ok Glass, play me some tunes in the kitchen" = turn on Kitchen Sonos, play Pandora station 'Quickmix'.

Are any of you Explorers using Glass for Home Automation? I'd love to hear what you're doing with it and how you find it.