Today I presented to a state government department (in Western Australia) who were interested in hearing about and trying out +Google Glass. The response was overwhelmingly positive and everyone loved having a chance to try it out. Things mostly went just as expected, however one of the main concerns was focused on whether or not the West Australian government would make it illegal to use #googleglass  while driving.

Obviously there's no way of knowing what will happen in the future, plus the product isn't even available in Australia at the moment, but the fear of developing an app for Glass and then having the device outlawed whilst driving (which is the primary use-case for this prospective client) seems to have offset the excitement of embracing this new technology.

Being a government department, I don't expect anything to happen any time soon, however I really hope they do take a chance and embrace #googleglass  because it's without a doubt the best way for users to access the data available from this department.

p.s. Presenting from the Chromebook worked beautifully, however I think I'll go out and grab a slimport adapter so I can Screencast from Glass to my Nexus 5 and then connect my Nexus 5 to the projector. While it was great that everyone could have a try individually, I think having a live demo on the big screen would've made an even bigger impact. If only there was a way to display the screen from Glass on a TV/projector, rather than going via screencasting through the My Glass app, which is more than a little laggy and prone to freezing.