I've been a long-time user of Pocket and have love it, but Flipboard's recent update with Magazines you could share with friends and they could share with you was enough to bring me back to Flipboard. But I don't want to lose all my articles from Pocket…

1. I have lots of articles in Pocket that I want to bring over to Flipboard.
2. The Chrome bookmarklet/extension allows me to add a page to whichever Flipboard Magazine I desire, but requires me to open the page first. (Note: When browsing G+, if I find an interesting article, I simply right-click, select Add to Pocket and it's ready for me to check out later when I have time, without even opening the article).

I've been in touch with +Flipboard about both of these and hope to hear back from them soon, expecting them to say that a solution to #2 is coming soon (given how easy I imagine it would be to implement), but I'm not so sure about #1. I've taken things into my own hands to get this done, and if you're interested in making the transition from Pocket to Flipboard but don't want to leave all your articles behind, here's how to do it.

1. Go to http://getpocket.com/export (requires you to login) and select "Export HTML file" and it'll be saved to your computer.
2. Go to http://bm2rss.freetzi.com/ and upload the HTML file. This will convert the file from HTML to OPML format. Save the OPML file.
3. Go to http://www.google.com/reader/view/#overview-page and select Reader Settings (top right corner).
4. Select the Import/Export tab and then 'Choose file' and select the OPML file and select 'Upload'. All your articles will now be in Google Reader – almost there…
5. On your Android/iOS device, launch the Flipboard app and select the red ribbon & under 'Add an account' select Google Reader. Complete the login authentication process.

Result: You now have "Google Reader" as a section to view articles in Flipboard, HOORAY! But don't get too excited – it's no longer just the articles you previously had saved in Pocket, but also LOTS of other articles from the same websites as the articles you had in Pocket. Not that useful given the huge volume of articles you'll now find in your list. And it's not setup as a 'Magazine" in Flipboard which was my goal in the first place. All-in-all, pretty useless.

I hope you liked my tutorial. but not as much as I hope Flipboard provide an easy way for all my Pocket articles to be imported into a magazine in Flipboard (especially given they already have my Pocket credentials within the Settings of the app).

If anyone has an easier way of getting this done that doesn't require me to open several thousand tabs and manually save each page to Flipboard using the bookmarklet/extension, I'd love to hear from you. 

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