Hugely helpful post from +Greg Hortin about getting Chromecast FULLY working in Australia. I hadn't bothered playing around with my router to get it fully working (IP routing issues due to hardcoded IP address of the Chromecast), but thanks to these instructions, I'll give it a shot…

Reshared post from +Greg Hortin

Netflix with Android and Chromecast outside the USA (In Australia in my case)

Due to fortunate timing and a slip up with Amazon shipping I finally managed to get hold of two Chromecast’s.  

The Google services (Play Movies, Play Music and YouTube) work great and I'm a huge fan of the radio and get lucky radio feature (think iTunes Genius) with Play Music. Netflix however is not designed to work outside its geo blocked territories and the Chromecast has its DNS settings hard coded so the standard VPN solution doesn't work.

Through a bit of internet based research I managed to find a combination of solutions to this problem. The information is freely available on the internet but I thought I might put together a guide based on the solutions that worked for me. This may come across as pretty complex but its pretty straight forward once you get going.

How to

Step one: Obtain a Chromecast (not sold in stores outside the USA). EBay is a good source of slightly overpriced Chromecast’s, though with the release of the Chromecast app to all users on the Play store this may point to an upcoming global release.  

Step two: Configure your Chromecast using the app from the Play store or using the web interface.

Step three: Get yourself a VPN. I was using the Hola unblocker plugin for the desktop Chrome browser to watch Netflix, its free and it works great but for the Chromecast you are going to want a VPN service. I went with unblock US .

Step four: Setup the VPN with your router. Log into your router and go to the WAN/ADSL setting page. Un tick “Obtain DNS Automatically” then input the primary and secondary DNS setting from the unblock US guide page (or for your VPN provider of choice) and (these will be different if you’re using another VPN provider). Apply the settings and then restart your router.

Step five: Download the Netflix app. For the purpose of this guide I will assume you already have a Netflix account. The lag free 3.0 version APK of the app can be found at +Android Police . If this is the first time you are using an off market APK you may need to change settings to allow it on your phone or tablet. If your VPN is setup correctly you will be able to log into and use the Netflix app on your phone or tablet, sending to Chromecast will error out (see hard coded DNS mentioned above).

Step six: re-routing the hard coded DNS setting of the Chromecast via your router. This part is a little convoluted but if you can do step four you should be OK here. There is a guide from a user “rufree2talk” on XDA developers that explains how to trick your Chromecast with pre routing . My router/modem doesn't support static route so I was not able to use the setting in the exact way suggested. 

Instead I had to send the iptable strings to my router using telnet, I used a guide from user “Blyth” on Whirlpool to get going with Telnet as I had never really used it before. Per the Whirlpool guide I downloaded Putty (specifically PuttyTel) from . Type your router IP address into PuttyTel (Host name) and then press the open button. You will be presented with a command prompt asking for you router username and then password. After you log in you should see a “>” at this point you need to enter the following two strings (if you are using a different VPN provider the destination IP address will be different:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination

You can copy and paste those strings into Putty/Telnet and will need to press enter after each one. Unless you get some kind of error message you can assume each string was entered successfully. From what I understand these setting will be undone if you restart your router, I don’t need to restart mine often so I have the strings in notepad ready to re-enter them when I do. 

Step seven: Its working! At this point you should have Netflix working on your Chromecast (YouTube Play Movies/Music will continue to work fine). I've found the picture quality on my ADSL2+ internet service to be fantastic, better than it looks on the browser version by far, it also loads quicker for me too. I'm not sure if the quality and speed has anything to do with not using Silverlight (I’ll restrain my urge to hate on Microsoft stuff at this point).

I hope this guide is of some assistance, having Netflix working has made my Chromecast experience even better and I'm looking forward to more app support on the way. If you try to follow this guide and get stuck or have any questions please let me know.

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