"In a recent call with a leading European telco, for example, executives described how with FTTN (vectored VDSL) they could offer 100 mbps down 40 mbps up for between one fifth and one sixth of the cost of deploying FTTP. It could also be rolled out in a fraction of the time."
Source: http://delimiter.com.au/2013/09/16/youre-disgrace-turnbull-slams-lecturers-accurate-nbn-analysis/

As much as I'd love gigabit internet speeds in the future, significantly increased internet speeds for 1/5 or 1/6 of the cost of the NBN and implemented in a fraction of the time seems like a fair trade-off to me (as a taxpayer & internet user). What do you think?

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‘You’re a disgrace’: Turnbull slams lecturer’s accurate NBN analysis – Delimiter
Communications Minister-elect Malcolm Turnbull has savagely attacked a University of Queensland lecturer for a seemingly innocuous article analysing rising online dissent towards the Coalition’s NBN policy, inaccurately labelling the academic’s article as “false” and “misleading”, and claiming that it was “a disgrace”.