My +Leap Motion arrived today, but I'm not that excited

It's been a long time since I pre-ordered the Leap Motion and I was more than a little excited about using, but my computer usage has changed since then, and now I'm not sure I have a place for the Leap Motion any more. Why? Chromebook.

Yep, I've made the switch over to being a full-time Chromebook user and only very rarely fire up my old laptop when I absolutely need it, and while I'm waiting for it to boot up and close down, I'm reminded why I made the move to a Chromebook. But the Leap Motion obviously doesn't work on Chromebooks – just Windows and Mac – so while I might fire up the ol' laptop and see how the Leap Motion goes, I don't think I'm going to have space in my life for the Leap Motion unless they make it work on Chromebooks, which I can't imagine will be happening any time soon, but I'd be happy to be corrected.

Maybe I'll sell them or run a competition and give them away or something…

Has anyone else received their Leap Motion and if so, how do you find it?