PSA: For everyone sharing the Dick Smith #australiaday  ad, please be aware the ad was NOT banned. It was given a PG rating and to air in the timeslots they, it needed to be rated G, therefore they couldn't be aired in the desired timeslots.

It's a good ad (I wouldn't say it's great, but it is good) and they've gone the right way about getting huge exposure without forking out to show the ad on tv, so they've done a good job to milk it. They most definitely would've known all along the ad would not be given a G rating and built the campaign around the fact the ad would be given a higher rating and wouldn't be allowed to screen in the preferred timeslots.

Sorry to spoil the fun, but keep sharing the video because it'd be un-Australian no to.


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Dick Smith ad: funny stunt or stunning flunk?
Dick Smith’s ‘banned’ Australia Day TV commercial shows asylum seekers arriving ashore to get his tasty range of spreads, but was it really ‘banned’ and why? Writes Andy Park.

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