Samsung #Chromebook  update #2
After spending a little more time with the Chromebook this morning, I decided to see how it goes with uploading apps to Google Play, so here's what happened…

After navigating to the Google Play Dev Console and selecting to upload a new APK, I'm presented with a screen that allows me to choose from files in the downloads folder or from Google Drive. I selected Google Drive and waited. And waited. And waited. This was the first time I had accessed my Google Drive files on my Chromebook and it took over 20 minutes (close to 30, but I didn't make a note of exactly when it started) to fetch all my Google Drive files. I can't believe it took so long just to fetch the list of files, it's not like it is actually fetching all the files or anything. Anyhow, I went back and tried this again and now they all appear immediately, so it's good to know once the initial sync is done, they're there and ready to go.
So I locate the file I want to upload, select it and away it goes. Given it's downloading the file from Google Drive to then upload it to Google Play, it's obviously not as fast as simply uploading the file from a local drive, but I was surprised that it didn't seem to take a longer. Having said that, this was only a 6MB file – I'm assuming there would/will be a noticeable impact when submitting an update of one of our apps which is 40MB+.

Anyhow, the process went smoothly and I'd be more than happy to upload apps to Google Play via the Chromebook in the future.

Other things I've noticed while using the Chromebook this morning which I thought might be worth mentioning:
1. I'm loving 2 finger scrolling.
2. The keyboard is good (as all the reviews I've read have said) but I haven't spent enough time getting used to it yet, but will try to do so in the near future. I've already noticed that missing the home and end buttons affects me, as I like to use them when selecting text, but I guess I'll work around it, or hunt around to find some shortcuts. (Found some I'd better investigate – see attached).
4. Going back to a trackpad will also take some getting used to, but I'm thinking of grabbing a mouse to use instead – is that cheating? Contemplating an Apple Magic Mouse (although I'm not a Mac user) to take advantage of the swiping/scrolling – any recommendations either way?
5. Updates: Just noticed an icon displaying an up arrow, clicked it, says there's an update, installs the update and has me back at the login screen, all before I finished typing this sentence. LOVE that!

Next challenge: Use the Chromebook for an entire day. Tomorrow is the day and I'm a little nervous about going from multiple monitors with a wireless mouse and keyboard to a Chromebook with 11.6" screen and trackpad, but I'm going to give it a shot to see how I go. Brace yourselves!

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Chrome OS Keyboard shortcuts – Chromebook Forum : Google Chromebook Forums
Here I have put together a list of all the Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts, if any shortcuts are missing feel free to post them. I hope these will help

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