Well I've now been using the Series 3 Samsung Chromebook for about 3 weeks and I though it as time for another update, so here it is.

Welcome call: When setting up the Chromebook, there's an option to receive a "Welcome Call" from the Chromebook team to provide support and guidance around anything to do with the Chromebook. Although I'm pretty comfortable with the Chromebook I thought I'd take them up on this offer, more out of interest to see what they actually do on a welcome call. After requests, 2 of which called at times outside the agreed times and 1 didn't call at all (likely to be due to the fact I'm in Australia where the Chromebooks aren't actually available, so that may have thrown out their systems for timezone allocation of appointments), the call this morning came through all ok and went like this:

1. Introduction: Hi, this call is being recorded, this is what we're calling to discuss (based on my input when booking the call) and where would I like to start.
2. Watching tv & movies: Discussed various offerings like Netflix (which incidentally doesn't work on this Chromebook right now but should in a future update), Hulu Plus, iView etc.
3. Listening to music: Discussed Pandora, Google Play Music, Grooveshark. I mentioned the issue where Pandora would stop, likely due to memory/resourrces issue that meant I had to visit the tab and refresh and it would continue. Advised to try having it open in an incognito tab to see if that helps – will give it a shot.
4. Customisation (themes & wallpapers etc): Discussedion changin wallpapers, getting themes from the Chrome web store – all basic stuff, but nice for users to be able to customise and make the device their own, so I'm sure others would appreciate this.
5. Printing: Discussed Google Cloud Print and how this works via a computer that needs to be left on vs a cloud-connected printer.
6. Queries: I had a few general queries like whether it's possible to rearrange the order of apps in the apps list (it's not) plus asked about some keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-alt-? is worth a look for any Chromebook users out there).
7. E-mail: As the staff member promised, within a few minutes of the call ending, I received an e-mail with further info about what we discussed including a link to a list of cloud-connected printers (as I requested).

For me, the call wasn't hugely beneficial because there wasn't really much that was covered that I wasn't already aware of, but even just the couple of tips I picked up from the call made it worthwhile. For everyday users who might not be as tech-savvy (thinking about my Mum or even my Grandma), this call would be REALLY helpful and given the Chromebook is the kind of device that would be well-suited to less tech-savvy people, the welcome call service is a great idea and will definitely help ensure people become more familiar and comfortable with this new way of computing.

It's great to see Google evolving their customer-service offering from their very rocky beginnings when their customer support for users who purchased the G1.

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