Before I start, hear me out. I LOVE G+ and I'm not a fan of Facebook, but I do have lots of friends and family on Facebook, and that's fine. I've told many of them that G+ is better because strangers are far more interesting than friends and family, and finding people on G+ with common interests can make for really interesting discussions, discussions that would otherwise not have happened (and friendships that wouldn't have been formed) if it wasn't for G+.

Anyhow, now that's out of the way, here's what I'm thinking. I come across a lot of really interesting stuff on G+ and by having the option to share that stuff on Facebook (I'm talking about an option like "Share to Facebook" not just copying and pasting it on Facebook) so my Facebook friends can enjoy it, it'll bring to their attention that there is all this awesome content on G+ and (may) make them more likely to check it out.

I don't think there's any down-side to having something like this because the posts will always have "Shared from G+" or something like that, so it would drive traffic to G+ while also increasing awareness.

What do you think +Vic Gundotra and anyone else?

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