I don't consider myself a hoarder, especially compared to the people you see on tv shows like 'Hoarders', but having a love of gadgets and all things tech, I've certainly accrued my fair share of gadgets over the years and pretty much NEVER sell them when I've finished using them. They either go into a draw or box somewhere, never to be seen again, unless it comes time to move house or make space for other stuff. Neither of those things happened today but after looking over at a few unloved (and unused) devices I thought it might be time to see if I could sell some of them, if only to make some money to pay for some new (possible announced at Google IO) goodies.

I thought I'd start with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. Pretty much brand new, in a case and only used a VERY small amount. I had a look on Gumtree (online classifieds for selling stuff locally, a bit like Craigslist I guess). I found someone looking for this exact product and so I got in touch with them and at the same time, posted my own ad listing it for sale. Less than 3 hours later it was gone and I now sit at my desk with cash in my pocket. Cash that I didn't have when I woke up this morning and I no longer have a device I hadn't used for many months and was unlikely to use again. That's win-win as far as I'm concerned.

After such an easy win I thought about all the other devices I am no longer using that others could make good use of, in exchange for some cash I could put towards a Mother's Day present for my wife (is it right that my WIFE should expect a MOTHER's Day present from me? That's a post for another day), or more likely, a Motorola 360. A JVC HDD Camcorder, Sony Minidisk player, Transformer Prime, Samsung Galaxy 10.1V, HP Laptop, Nexus One (x2), HTC Desire, HTC Dream, G1 and Galaxy Nexus are just the tip of the iceberg, but would people actually want to buy these things? And if they did/do, how much would they pay? I know there is Swappa, although I'm guessing the postage costs to ship products from Australia might make it less appealing for buyers to buy from me.

So here's my question – what do you all do with your old gadgets? Sell them? Put them in a draw somewhere? Pass them on to your kids/family? Something else? All feedback is welcome.