There's already no shortage of home #automation  controllers currently available and that number seems to be growing at a pretty quick rate thanks to the growing interest in this sector as well as the fact it's a sexy place to be. I mean, who would want their lights to come on, heater to set the temperature to your perfect temperature and your favourite Friday music playlist to start, all just because you arrived home and your home knew it?

Well Webee just reached their $50,000 goal with 8 days left to go so you can add another controller to that list. Their point of difference seems to be "providing personal suggestions customized to you, to save money and improve efficiency", plus the fact you can control multiple 'platforms' including Z-Wave & Zigbee while also having open hardware and software which will make it easy for developers to get involved and come up with great ways to make the most of the Webee's functionality.

The fact their Android app has a bunch of positive ratings from people who don't even have the device yet, plus the screenshots are of the iOS app, leaves me a little sceptical, but it looks like they're got a solid team on-board so let's hope they get it made and out there so we can see how it goes. The more competition there is, the better off we'll all be as people (and companies) keep striving to come up with even better offerings in the future.

So did anyone back this project?

Webee: The Real Smart Home
The first REAL smart home learning system affordable for everyone.