I've loved Chromebooks since I first tried out the Samsung Series 3, but my main issue was always the fact that it can only handle 1 additional monitor. I work with a Windows desktop and 3 x 22" Samsung monitors and the idea of going back to just 1 monitor wasn't particularly appealing, and still isn't. However I thought I'd hook up the extra monitor to my Chromebook 14 and see what the experience is like. 2 words:


While it's still not as useful as having 3 monitors, it's actually a pretty useful setup. I find myself splitting my tabs a little differently and doing most of my work stuff (Google Docs/Spreadsheets etc) on the Chromebook, while using the external monitor for my e-mail and a bunch of other stuff. The fact I can have 14 tabs open on the external monitor and 4 open on the internal monitor and the Chromebook is still performing perfectly well is testament to the beauty of this machine. While the Series 3 Chromebook was pretty handy, the bump in specs (up to 4GB RAM plus Haswell processor) make this machine perfectly usable as a daily driver.

In fact, if it could handle another external monitor (or 2, but that might be asking too much), I'd probably ditch my Windows desktop completely. What do you think +François Beaufort, can you make it happen? Maybe using +DisplayLink like I'm currently using on my Windows machine???

Is anyone else out there using external monitors with your Chromebook? How do you find it?