Let me just say, I've never really been one to watch a lot of TV, and when I did, it's usually been whatever is on at the time I slouch down on my couch, but since getting Netflix and Hulu Plus (a story for another day), my viewing patterns have definitely changed. Now when I sit down, I watch the shows I want to watch because they're all there for me to choose from, rather than "this show is on at 7.30pm so you'd better bet ready then or set a device to record it". I LOVE it! (and having a huge amount of tv shows and movies to choose from is also a nice benefit too).

One show I've really been enjoying is Revenge – a new episode comes out each week and after it becomes available (the day after it's aired on tv), I sit down on the couch at whatever time on whatever day I want and watch it. Easy.

But now things have changed again. House of Cards was recently released on Netflix and without spending too much time on it, let me just say, this is a GREAT show that I'd recommend to anyone. Anyhow, Netflix have gone down a different path with House of Cards and made ALL episodes available immediately. That means there's no waiting a week for each new episode to become available, it's all there, right now, and if I felt like watching every episode back-to-back, I could. This is a nice change, because really, is there a valid reason to make me wait another week until I can see the next episode, other than the fact that's how it has always been done? No, there's not, so thanks +Netflix for giving me the option to watch the show when I want, even if that means having a House of Cards marathon and watching the whole series/season in 1 night and then moving on to the next show.

So we're now given the option to watch tv shows in a totally different way to how we've always watched them, and I for one welcome this change and can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want to have the freedom. Anyone who doesn't like it, just watch 1 episode per week like you're used to and pretend nothing has changed.

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