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I'm all for unlimited storage, but don't be misled… I had confirmation from Google (they called me within half an hour of sending them an email) that it is NOT unlimited unless you have 5 or more users. I have 2 in my organisation paying $50/yr per user, making it $100/yr, so if I want to get unlimited storage I'd need to pay 5 users x $120/yr per user, so it's $600/yr rather than my current $100/yr. Thanks, but no thanks.

If you're in a larger organisation and can take advantage of this, lucky you. I'll just stay on my current plan which suits my needs just fine (for now).

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Introducing Drive for Work 

Today, we are launching Drive for Work, a new tool for businesses that includes unlimited storage, audit reporting and new security controls for $10/user/month. We took the familiarity of Google Drive and updated it with new admin controls, eDiscovery services and storage of files up to 5TB in size. We've also brought Microsoft Office editing to your Chrome browser and to the Docs, Sheets and Slides apps. Learn more here: goo.gl/kmpHMu #driveforwork #IO14